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Two-day canoe trip Rõhu-Ilmatsalu-Tartu

Nice two-day canoe trip without a guide and with possibilities to camp on the public camping site and take strolls in the woods suits well for the beginners, but is rather enjoyable for the more experienced canoe enthusiasts as well.

The trip does not require any special canoeing skills or great strength. It is feasible even for first-timers. Campers will have enough time for stopovers and for enjoying nature in all its glory.

The trip starts at the Rõhu bridge on the Viljandi highway (distance from the center of Tartu approx. 18 km), where we help you on the river Elva. Whole route is downriver, passing village called Ulila, after which most of the trip runs in the midst of meadows, woods and marshes, far from any human habitat.
After river Elva the route takes you to the river Emajõgi. You will spend the night on RMK camping site by the Ilmatsalu hiking trail (there are several well maintained camping sites to choose from). There you can stroll on he forest paths or check out Ilmatsalu fishponds – an area of a high density of waterfowl.

On the second day you will head back on the Emajõgi and run downriver mostly through sparsely populated areas. You can take strolls in woods, check out small river-islands etc. The trip ends in Tartu, by the Rowing Club at the ond of Lubja street. There you can keep your car also if you choose to.


P. S. You can reach the starting point of the trip by public transport (Väike-Ulila bus-stop is 1,3 kilometres from the Rõhu bridge). Check the timetable HERE.

• 1-2 persons = 80 €
• 3+ persons = 35 €/ person

Price includes:

– A seat in the canoe
– Necessary equipment (a paddle and a life-jacket)
– The briefing before trip
– Transportation of canoes to the starting point.

We can provide free transportation to the starting point for up to 4 people if necessary.

For additional fee of 20€ we can take drivers back to their vehicles left at the starting point.
For additional fee you can have our guide to accompany your group. It costs you 50€ for one day and 80€ for two days.


Bring your own:
– sleeping bag
– tent
– sleeping mat
– two days food
– enough drinking water
– suitable clothing
– charged phone
– positive attitude


– Dress according to weather. Don’t forget that besides clothes you have to wear also a life-jacket we provide you.
– Don’t forget to bring something to drink (alcohol is not a good choice) and also to eat, because a long day in fresh air increases appetite.
– Pack your cellphone and/ or other electronic devices in waterproof bag.


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